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Christos - A Commentary by Alastair I. McIntosh - Stephen



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The observer is not Glaskin himself but another subject, but in order for you to be able to see the background to the experience, the source link goes to Glaskin

A description of the experience

A Commentary on the ‘Christos’ Technique - Alastair I. McIntosh

At the deeper level, [the experiences] can often be correlated with some major upset (trauma) in the person’s life, or with their general outlook and philosophy of life. Let me give an example of the latter sort.

Stephen, a Communist student, had what initially appeared to be a reincarnative-type dream. However, on analysis he agreed with me that psychologically it could be seen as being highly relevant by way of giving inner justification for his political views which are more extreme than most.

After the visualization exercises, Stephen landed in a field through which he found himself walking home having just completed the day’s ploughing. He felt that he was back in nineteenth-century north-east Scotland, and had been adopted by a farmer after his parents’ death at an early age. As the following extract shows, he was treated harshly:

at the age of twenty-four he received no wages, and lived in a barn getting food but little else. 

(S=Stephen; G=guide — in all cases me. 

G. Who is the man that lives in the farmhouse?

S. He’s the boss.

G. A good one?

S. No — he makes you work too hard and doesn’t do any work himself He does go out to the fields, but hardly does anything.

G. Does he employ many people?

S. No, just me. His wife calls him Archie.

G. Where do you live?

S. Usually just in the barn when not working.

G.  How many hours a day do you work?

S. I get up early, come back to eat something, then I work till evening. I’m now going into the barn. . . sit down.. . I think I’m going to eat something but I don’t know what it is. The woman in the house is old and has a harsh voice. She never speaks to me (gives full description of her).

G. How do you pass your time?

S. Just with the horses.

G. Are you literate?

S. No, I’ve never written.

G.  Are you religious?

S. No, I can’t remember church.

G. What’s your name?

S. I think he (the boss) calls me Jimmy.

G. Do you think you’ll ever get married?

S.   I’ll never meet anybody — there’s nowhere to go.

I think the reason why many subjects have reincarnative­-type dreams during Christos experiences is due to the role played by suggestion, rather than to an unearthing of past life experience lying deep within the psyche. Both Glaskin and I were introduced to the technique as ‘a method to remember past incarnations’, and have consequently mentioned this aspect.

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Glaskin, Gerald

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