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Christos - Windows of the Mind - Landing upside down



Type of Spiritual Experience


It may have been a vision or out of body.

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The Christos experience – Windows of the Mind – G M Glaskin

Joy was uncertain of what to do now. She realised that I had somehow skipped well ahead of the course the run should have taken. She should have had me visualising my surroundings from five hundred feet above my house by night as well as day, and then by day again.

Only after that had been accomplished should I travel, in the safety of daylight so that I wouldn’t ‘collide’ with anything in the dark and also so that I wouldn’t land in dangerous circumstances from some ‘past life’. This, the book said, had sometimes happened with some experimenters; one person had landed upside down in the ocean; he couldn’t swim and not only went into hysteria but made all the motions of a man drowning as well.

The source of the experience

Glaskin, Gerald

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