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Christos - Windows of the Mind - Eye flicker



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This may be a vision it is somewhat difficult to tell. The observer is not Glaskin himself but another subject, but in order for you to be able to see the background to the experience, the source link goes to Glaskin

A description of the experience

The Christos experience – Windows of the Mind – G M Glaskin

As it was still daylight for him, he could see for miles around, and all he saw he could describe in the minutest detail - it obviously delighted him to do so. Furthermore, we were able to check afterwards on several observations he made which, although all four of us lived in the district and close to the beach, the rest of us had not been aware of until Ray's descriptions made on his living-room floor, at night, and with his eyes firmly closed.

But this description is already imprecise. His eyes were not firmly closed all the time. When he was 'seeing' something for the first time, the closed lids would flicker quite rapidly. Our 'guide-book' said that this denoted that it was the spiritual mind, or 'overself', and not the ordinary conscious mind of the body, which was responsible for depicting what he described.

The source of the experience

Glaskin, Gerald

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