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Shermer, Michael - Bike Marathon



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After a nap Shermer recovered enough to carry on

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Michael Shermer – Scientific American

 In the wee hours of the morning of August 8, 1983, while I was traveling along a lonely rural highway approaching Haigler, Neb., a large craft with bright lights overtook me and forced me to the side of the road.
Alien beings exited the craft and abducted me for 90 minutes, after which time I found myself back on the road with no memory of what transpired inside the ship. . . .

My abduction experience was triggered by sleep deprivation and physical  exhaustion. I had just ridden a bicycle 83 straight hours and 1,259 miles in the opening days of the... transcontinental Race Across America.

I was sleepily weaving down the road when my support motor home flashed its high beams and pulled alongside, and my crew, entreated me to take a sleep break. At that moment a distant memory of the 1960s television series "The Invaders" was inculcated into my waking dream.

In the series, alien beings were taking over the earth by replicating actual people but, inexplicably, retained a stiff little finger. Suddenly the members of my support crew were transmogrified into aliens. I stared intensely at their fingers and grilled them on both technical and personal matters.

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Shermer, Michael

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