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Louis Lambert by Honore De Balzac

  VIII  When the Substance is absorbed in sufficient number (or quantity)  it makes of man an immensely powerful mechanism, in direct  communication with the very element of the Substance, and acting  on organic nature in the same way as a large stream when it  absorbs the smaller brooks. Volition sets this force in motion  independently of the Mind. By its concentration it acquires some  of the qualities of the Substance, such as the swiftness of light,  the penetrating power of electricity, and the faculty of  saturating a body; to which must be added that it apprehends what  it can do.

  Still, there is in man a primordial and overruling phenomenon  which defies analysis. Man may be dissected completely; the  elements of Will and Mind may perhaps be found; but there still  will remain beyond apprehension the x against which I once used  to struggle. That x is the Word, the Logos, whose communication  burns and consumes those who are not prepared to receive it. The   Word is for ever generating the Substance.

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Balzac, Honoré de

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