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Aubert, Georges – 02 Second Epoch – 04 Direct writing.



Type of Spiritual Experience


Not automatic writing as such, but a form of psychokinesis

A description of the experience

For those who are aware of spiritualist phenomena, this experiment is known to occur quite often with high-powered mediums.

The simplest manifestation, the one that Emile T... gave us at my father's request, consists in putting a sheet of white paper on a table and a pencil on top.

The pencil must write the message alone.

What happened at home?

After turning off the light, we had perhaps been waiting for five to ten minutes, when the pencil began to be shaken with a back and forth motion that was perfectly apparent in the religious silence we were observing.

After a few moments, and as usual, several knocks indicated to us the moment to light up and what did we see?

The sheet of paper was perfectly written and had a character shape similar to that of Emile T's letters..., the following sentence:

"Be happy, dear friends; Emile T..."

This demonstration was only given to us two or three times, to our great regret.

The source of the experience

Aubert, Georges

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