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Artāy Virāf - Chapter 2 and 3 - An OBE



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THE BOOK OF ARDA VIRAF   - Translated by Prof. Martin Haug, of the University of Munich, revised from the MS. of a Parsi priest Hoshangji. From The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Volume VII: Ancient Persia, ed. Charles F. Horne, Ph.D., copyright 1917.

Ch. 2.24. And afterward, those Dasturs of the religion selected, in the dwelling of the spirit, a place which was thirty footsteps from the good.
(25) And Viraf washed his head and body, and put on new clothes;
(26) he fumigated himself with sweet scent and spread a carpet, new and clean, on a prepared couch.
(27) He sat down on the clean carpet of the couch,
(28) and consecrated the Dron, and remembered the departed souls, and ate food.
(29) And then those Dasturs of the religion filled three golden cups with wine and narcotic of Vishtasp;
(30) and they gave one cup over to Viraf with the word 'well-thought,' and the second cup with the word 'well-said,' and the third cup with the word 'well-done';
(31) and he swallowed the wine and narcotic, and said grace whilst conscious, and slept upon the carpet. ……………….

Ch 3.1. And the soul of Viraf went, from the body, to the Chinwad bridge of Chakat-i-Daitik,
(2) and came back the seventh day, and went into the body.
(3) Viraf rose up, as if he arose from a pleasant sleep,
(4) thinking of Vohuman and joyful. ….

Ch 3.7 Those Herbads and Dasturs of the religion bowed before Viraf.
(8) And then Viraf, as he saw them, came forward and bowed, and said thus: 'For you is a blessing from Ohrmazd, the lord, and the archangels (Amahraspandan);
(9) and a blessing from the pious Zartosht, the descendant of Spitama;
(10) and a blessing from Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel (Yazad), and the glorious religion of the Mazdayasnians;
(11) and a blessing from the remaining pious; and a blessing from the remaining spirits of paradise who are in happiness and repose.' …..

Ch. 3.22. He also directed thus: 'Bring a writer who is wise and learned.'
(23) And an accomplished writer, who was learned, was brought by him, and sat before him;
(24) and whatsoever Viraf said, he wrote correctly, clearly, and explicitly.

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