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Unspecified hallucinogen - Anthropologist becomes a tiger



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Number of hallucinations: 2


It is worth adding here the comments of Eliade regarding the transformation many shamans undergo when they 'become' tigers

Mircea Eliade – Shamanism Archaic techniques of ecstasy
The evocation of the tiger is performed for the purpose of summoning and securing the incarnation of the mythical ancestor, the first Great Shaman.  The pawing observed by Skeat did in effect turn himself into a tiger; he ran on all fours, roared and licked the patient’s body for a long time as a tigress licks her cubs.

Describing the report of an American anthropologist who took hallucinogens…

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Hans Peter Duerr - Dreamtime

At about this same instant I found myself before a full length mirror and looking into it, was confronted by a huge, magnificent specimen of a tiger.  Simultaneously I think, with my perception of this image, I became aware of my tiger’s body  …. I was in this body, and felt this body as I never have been in or felt my own.  Yet even with what seemed my complete immersion in my tigerness, I did retain some infinitesimal human awareness

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