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Jane Dunlap - Brahms and being cushioned on air



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Exploring Inner Space – Jane Dunlap

Perhaps half an hour after Dr Davidson had made me comfortable on the davenport, covered me with a blanket and handed me a sleep shade, I noticed that the familiar Second Symphony of Brahms then being played had taken on exaggerated and overwhelming beauty.  Soon the music seemed to lift me with infinite tenderness into the air where I floated bodiless and weightless, moving gently in rhythm and rising and falling with each crescendo and diminuendo.

Although I was aware of breathing deeply and yawning repeatedly, the marvellous feelings of being weightless, boneless and bodiless persisted through most of the day.  At all times I was as free from the fear of falling as would be a bit of thistledown.  Being cushioned on air and caressed by the arms of space caused glorious sensations amounting to ecstasy

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Adelle Davis, Daisie

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Observation contributed by: John Bryant