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Whiteman, J H M out of body dancing



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The Mystical Life – J H M Whiteman

(August 26, 1940). Towards the end of a fantasy-separation I became aware of the necessity to return, and the state then became subject to a high degree of reflective control. The separated form began to rise in the air, and after an unavailing attempt had been made to prolong the separation, a view was presented of the ceiling above, seen as by looking up from a horizontal form. But there was a pattern on it, rather as if it were linoleum (unlike the ceiling in the physical bedroom).

From that position the separated form was gradually let down into coincidence with the physical form, free watchfulness being maintained throughout. On looking round, as in physical space (but recognizably in a duplicate space), I noticed that the room was larger than the physical bedroom and quite different in the impression given by the furniture, windows, etc.

I rose again from the bed by a voluntary movement, knowing the possibility of doing so in separation. My form was smaller and far lighter than the physical body; and full of comforting joy in the freedom and acceptability of that form, expressive of the mind, I began spontaneously to dance, joying in the lightness and smooth beautiful movements of the limbs. A return followed without noticeable process.

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Whiteman, J H M

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