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Thomas Keightley – The Fairy Mythology - Hills ‘raised on red pillars’



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Funen with an area of 3,099.7 square kilometres (1,196.8 sq mi), is the third- largest island of Denmark, after Zealand and Vendsyssel-Thy.

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Hind, Cynthia (July 1988), "Comment", UFO Afrinews, 1: 6–10

In 1972, Bennie Smith, the owner of a farm near Fort Beaufort in the eastern Cape region of South Africa, says he fired shots at an unknown object hovering at treetop height after a worker named Boer de Klerk alerted him to it. Smith believed his shots were accurately aimed, but had no effect.
Police sergeant Piet Kitching and police station commander Van Rensburg stated they arrived and fired shots at the object, described as metallic and shaped like a 44-gallon drum with three legs that changed colors before it flew away.
They said they found imprints and markings on the ground they believed were made by the object. ....In a humorous editorial, the New Scientist stated the apartheid South African government was "very fastidious about the sort of immigrants she welcomes and little green men may very well be on the prohibited list"

A description of the experience

Thomas Keightley - The Fairy Mythology: Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries

There are three hills on the lands of Bubbelgaard in Funen, which are to this day called the Dance-hills, from the following occurrence.

A lad named Hans was at service in Bubbelgaard, and as he was coming one evening past the hills, he saw one of them raised on red pillars, and great dancing and much merriment underneath. He was so enchanted with the beauty and magnificence of what he saw, that he could not restrain his curiosity, but was in a strange and wonderful manner attracted nearer and nearer, till at last the fairest of all the fair maidens that were there came up to him and gave him a kiss.

From that moment he lost all command of himself, and became so violent, that he used to tear to pieces all the clothes that were put on him, so that at last they were obliged to make him a dress of sole-leather, which he could not pull off him; and ever after he went by the name of Hans Puntleder, i. e. Sole-leather [ Thiele, iv. 32. From the circumstances, it would appear that these were Elves and not Dwarfs; but one cannot be positive in these matters.]

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Keightley, Thomas

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