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The Book of Taliesin - Marwnat Madawg - Llyfr Taliesin XLI



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This is not descriing actual death, it is describing the first stage of initiation in the Mysteries, which is rebirth

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Marwnat Madawg
Llyfr Taliesin XLI

Madawc mur menwyt.
Madawc kyn bu bed.
Bu dinas edryssed.
O gamp a chymwed.
Mab vythyr kyn lleas
Oe law dy wystlas.
Dybu erof greulawn.
Llewenyd anwogawn.
Tristyt anwogawn.
A oryw erof greulawn.
Brattau iessu
Ac ef yn credu.
Dayar yn crynu
ac eluyd yn gardu.
A chyscoc ar ybyt
A bedyd ar gryt
Llam anwogawn
A oryw erof creulawn.
Mynet yn y trefyn
Ym plith oer gethern
Hyt yg waelawt vffern.


The Death-Song of Madawg
The Book of Taliesin XLI.
From The Four Ancient Books of Wales

MADAWG, the joy of the wall,
Madawg, before he was in the grave,
Was a fortress of abundance
Of games, and society.
The son of Uthyr before he was slain,
From his hand he pledged thee.
Erof the cruel came,
Of impotent joy;
Of impotent sorrow.
Erof the cruel caused
Treacheries to Jesus.
Though he believed.
The earth quaking,
And the elements darkening,
And a shadow on the world,
And baptism trembling.
An impotent step
Was taken by fierce Erof,
Going in the course of things
Among the hideous fiends
Even to the bottom of Uffern.



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