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Tea tree oil, and parasitic eyelid infections in children



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Cornea. 2010 Dec;29(12):1386-91. doi: 10.1097/ICO.0b013e3181e2eac5.  Ocular demodicosis as a potential cause of pediatric blepharoconjunctivitis.  Liang L1, Safran S, Gao Y, Sheha H, Raju VK, Tseng SC.  Ocular Surface Center, Miami, FL 33173, USA.

PURPOSE: To report Demodex infestation in pediatric blepharoconjunctivitis.

METHODS: A retrospective review of 12 patients, with ages from 2.5-11 years, with chronic blepharoconjunctivitis who failed to respond to conventional treatments. Demodex was detected by lash sampling and microscopic examination. Patients were treated with 50% tea tree oil (TTO) eyelid scrubs or 5% TTO ointment eyelid massages for 4-6 weeks.

RESULTS: Demodex mites were found in all, but 1 case had cylindrical dandruff in the lashes. After 1 week of TTO treatment, all patients showed dramatic resolution of ocular irritation and inflammation while Demodex counts dropped. All corneal signs resolved within 2 weeks except for a residual anterior stromal scar in 1 eye. During a follow-up period of 8.3 ± 4.6 months, 1 patient showed recurrent inflammation, which was successfully managed by a second round of TTO treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: Demodicosis should be considered as a potential cause of pediatric refractory blepharoconjunctivitis. Eyelid scrubs or massage with TTO could be an effective treatment regimen in these cases.


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