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One morning Nanak went to bathe in the river Bein.  He was gone for three days and everyone tought he had drowned.  But on the third day he returned and said that he had had a vision in which he had been in direct communication witht e Divine One.  The Janamsakhi recounts Nanak's vision.

Nanak goes on to say that he did not see the Ultimate Reality, he heard the words and he saw the nectar offered to him and he drank from it, but he perceived the Ultimate reality to be without form and transcendent.

A description of the experience

As the Almighty willed,
Nanak the devotee was ushered into the Divine Presence.
Then a cup filled with amrit [nectar] was given him with the command
"Nanak, this is the cup of Name Adoration
Drink it
I am with you and I do bless and exalt you.
Whoever remembers you will have my favour
Go, rejoice in My Name, and teach others to do so
I have bestowed upon you the gift of My Name.
Let this be your calling".
Nanak offered his salutations and stood up.

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