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Seeress of Prevorst, the - The man who saw 'inexpressible things-things which I never believed; there is another world'



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Although the seeress did not say this, we thought it more helpful to keep the observations related to her together

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The Seeress of Prevorst [translated by Catherine Crowe]

To so many [will understanding come] … who, now joyous and with unclouded brows, are wholly engrossed with the interests of this world, and devoting all their best faculties to their advancement! By the bedside of such a one I once stood, and, with the death-rattle in his throat, he said to me,

"I feel that my life passed from my brain to the epigastric region; of my brain I have no more consciousness-I no longer feel my arms nor my feet; bur I see inexpressible things-things which I never believed; there is another world!"

And so saying, he  expired.

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Seeress of Prevorst, the

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