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He's mixing up his terms here, kundalini is the type of experience, but he doesn't explain what type of yoga he was doing to get this experience - which is not a kundalini experience

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There is one form of yoga that appears to cause this, called Kundalini. But I would recommend being very careful with this. …...

When I was younger (early 20's), I experimented with this Kundulini technique. It scared the crap out of me. I was trying to leave my body to see if it was possible. I never expected it to happen, but one day using this yoga technique, I had an hallucination of my body expanding beyond its perimeter. I freaked out, when I was about to get my wish, or a strong hallucination of my wish. I stopped doing the Kundulini technique after that.

A few days later, I had forgot to set my alarm and was about to oversleep. I had a dream hallucination, that someone grabbed my leg to help wake me up. This woke me up and I was able to make it to work without being late. After that second experience, I stopped all the ancient arts and got very interesting in modern psychology.

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