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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Presentiments of death and the husband of Mme Lukawski, a high functionary in the Russian Admiralty



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Narrated by Baron Joseph Kronhelm of Podolia (Russia), and published in Light, 1899, p. 45. Also reproduced by M. Bozzano in Les Phenomenes premonitoires, p 77 (Alcan).

At the beginning of the year 1895, Mme Lukawski, the wife of a high functionary at the Russian Admiralty, was awaked one night by the wails of her husband, who in his sleep was crying out, "Help! Save me!" and was struggling like a drowning man.

He was dreaming of a terrible accident at sea, and when completely awake told how he seemed to be on board a large vessel which foundered after collision with another: he had felt himself thrown into the sea and swallowed up by the water. On completing his tale, he added, "I am sure that the sea will cause my death. ”

So strong was his conviction that he began to put his affairs in order, like a man who knows that his days are numbered.

Two months passed, during which the impression of the dream was weakening, when he received an order from the Admiralty to be ready to leave with all his staff for a port on the Black Sea. When taking leave of his wife at the Petersburg station, Lukawski said to her,

" You remember my dream?" . ..

 "Oh, why do you ask me?"  

 "Because I am sure -I shall not come back; we shall not see each other again."

Mme Lukawski tried to persuade him, but in a tone of great sadness he said,

"You may say what you will, my conviction will not change. I feel that my end is near and that nothing can stop it. . . . Yes, I see the port, the ship and the moment of collision, the panic on board, and my end . . . all returns before my eyes. . . ." And after a short pause he added, "'When the telegram announcing my death reaches you and you go into mourning, I beseech you not to wear that long –veil that I dislike”

Unable to reply, Mme Lukawski broke into sobs.

The whistle of the train gave the signal for starting, M. Lukawski kissed his wife tenderly, and the train left.

After two weeks of acute anxiety, Mme Lukawski learned from the newspapers that there had been a collision between two ships in the Black Sea-the Vladimir and the Sineus. In great grief she telegraphed to Admiral Zelenoi at Odessa to get news, and received the answer:

"No news of your husband up to the present, but it is certain he was on board the Vladimir"

News of the death reached her a week later.

It must be added that in his dream M. Lukawski had seen himself struggling for life with a passenger. The incident was realized with exactitude. In the accident, a passenger on the Vladimir-a M. Henicke-had leapt into the sea with a life-buoy. M. Lukawski, already in the water, tried to reach the buoy as soon as he saw it, and the other cried out,

 "Don't take hold, it won't hold two; we shall both be drowned"

Nevertheless, Lukawski grasped it, saying he could not swim.

"Then take it." said Henicke. "I am a good swimmer, and I will do without it."

A great wave separated them. Henicke was saved, but Lukawski met his fate.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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