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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Fraya and the prophetic dream



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Unfortunately Dr Osty did not record whether the second prophecy came true

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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

This [observation], I have also quoted in my book, Lucidite et Intuition, ….. I reproduce it because it is very representative of similar incidents in the lives of metagnomic sensitives.

 "Having gone to bed late one night, Mme Fraya had, towards morning, a dream in which she seemed to be exercising her faculty.

Opening the door between her private room and the drawing-room, she sees approaching her a lady with a face worn by suffering. She begs her to sit down, takes her hands, and begins to delineate the sorrows of her present life:

‘Great suffering dominates you; you are stricken in one who is most dear to you-your son. . . . Without any apparent cause he has latterly been mentally afflicted, and so seriously that internment has been considered necessary. He is now in an asylum.'

At this stage in her dream Mme Fraya was awakened by her maid, who came to say that the postman required her signature. She got up, put on a dressing-gown, signed, and then went back to sleep. The dream was resumed at the point broken off. .

‘The doctors who advised the internment and those at the asylum think the case incurable … and the grief due to this has overwhelmed you with despair. I shall, however, give you some consolation by telling you that after a few months your son will be given back to you entirely cured. You will be told of his cure, and you will yourself go to fetch him. .’

On waking, this professional dream remained so vividly in remembrance that Mme Fraya could have repeated the words almost textually. She wondered at the creative power of imagination to invent scenes so like reality.

Some days passed, and her many engagements caused the dream to pass into the background of memory. About a week later, during one of her busy afternoons, when she went to open the door of her room to admit one of her clients, the lady who came towards her was the lady of her dream.

Mme Fraya then, without having recourse to her metagnomic faculty and without any intermediary hallucination, only had to repeat from memory the consultation made in dream. The sorrowing mother was absolutely stupefied with amazement.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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