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The spelling is exactly as it appeared in the report.  One would be hard pressed to say this was a spiritual experience unless one classified it as a near near death!  But I think it is important that reports such as these are more widely known, thus I am helping EROWID to spread the word

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Flu-like Symptoms, Delirium, Possible O.D - by Ditchweed Danny from EROWID [edited for brevity]

I had my first, possibly my last, nutmeg trip a few weeks after my first experience with cannabis. I had read many reports on nutmeg, and many sources (Such as the Anarchists Cookbook and Licit and Illicit Drugs) state it as being a halluocenagen, But it wasn't until my friend M told me that he had tried it first hand that I decided to give it a whirl. M said he had bought 2 whole nutmegs and ground them up with yogurt and described the effects (quite vaguely) as being 'Blurred out'. Which I took to mean 'Stoned'.

For a bit of background information, I'm 17, I live and work in the states and am a high school graduate. …

On to the experience, …. I had bought a jar of nutmeg from Eddie's Grocery and brought it home at about 3 o'clock AM, I emptied half the jar into some plain unflavoured yogurt, just as my buddy M had done, and ate the whole mess as fast as I could, the taste was tolerable, but it was still nutmeg.

I was relaxed, my expectations for this trip were hallucinations, religous visions, CEVs and so forth, as I had thought nutmeg was a psycadelic. I was wrong. at around 6PM I started feeling dull. Not stoned or drunk but just blunt and spaced out, sort of like a strong nicotine buzz. It was not pleasant, I layed down in bed and stared at the ceiling, closed my eyes and looked for geometric patterns, I saw nothing. I just lied there as the feeling of turning to wood got more and more intense.

I felt lethargic and unable to move, I knew the drug was beginning to take it's terrible effect. Suddenly my mobile rang…. It turned out to be my friend B. He said to come over to the pub and socialize a bit, ….I put on my clothes and suddenly, like the floodgates had been opened, I was more stoned than I had even been in my life. I felt depersonolized as though I had a wet towel wrapped around my head. …. I called back B and told him , that I thought I'd come down with the flu, when I hung up the phone I wasn't sure if I really had talked to him, I checked my calls log to make sure.

At this point in time I was pretty sure I hadn't even reached the plateu of the nutmeg yet, and I wasn't liking the coming up too much. I ran to the bathroom trying to puke it up (Which seemed like a good indea) I stuck my fingers down my throat, retched and gagged, but nothing came up. I knew I had no choice but to, as I phrased it in my mind right then and there: 'Ride this strange torpedo out to the end'.
I …. kept pacing around my room with an intense feeling of nervousness and anxiety that I couldn't shake off. At this point (I don't know the time, I didn't know much of anything at that moment) I decided it would be best to sleep things off, and that's when things got really bad.

My eyes were red as hell and made a scratching sound when I blinked. My mouth was beyond cotton mouth, it was as though my tounge was made of wax paper and my saliva glands had gone on strike, even holding water in my mouth didn't provide relief from this feeling. Falling asleep was made more difficult by a feeling that I was unable to breathe unless I concentrated on it. Every time my mind wandered, I felt like I was suffocating. Emotionally, I was very depressed, I felt like a failure, every screw-up and disappointment of my life had come in to parade around my bed.

Finally at midnight my mom and her boyfriend had gotten home, She was drunk and almost in as bad a shape as I was. …. Her voice sounded distorted, like she was speaking from far away, and I could just barely remember what she had said.

I woke up the next morning, still buzzed ... I felt nauseas and picked up the bucket next to my bed (which I didn't remember bringing in, but I knew it was there) and puked up, to my suprise, pure, raw, brown nutmeg, probably about as much as I had eaten. For pretty much the whole day, I stayed in bed until about 4 in the afternoon. I told my mom I had to flu and felt tired, She let me rest. For the next two days I still felt out there, but a lot less tired and a little more focused.

I know there are some people who like nutmeg and think it's a drug meant solely for themselves, I don't doubt that it works for them. …. But I don't think I'll try it again ..


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