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Muldoon, Sylvan - The detrimental effects of noise



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Muldoon called the sudden jolting return to the body ‘repercussion’ .  Repercussion can be brought about by anything contrary to the conditions that were used to obtain the trance condition, so for example a noise or an increase in breathing, a touch, all breaking sensory deprivation and the stilling of the reason

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Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington – The Projection of the Astral Body

The shock that repercussion brings is always unpleasant, and at times more violent than at other times. The violence of the shock corresponds to the extent of space through which the astral has to move, before coming into coincidence, and also the speed with which the interiorising takes place.

And the speed of interiorising, in turn, is regulated by the amount of overbalance of negative factors. The greater the speed and the greater the distance, the more forceful will be the jolt. Velocity and distance combined produce the maximum repercussion; but speed is the more important of the two;  for even at a distance of separation of  only one foot, if the return to the physical is with intense velocity,- the physical will undergo a violent shock.

The most striking result of this quick reanimation - when both speed and distance are involved – is the feeling of being split through the centre of the body. “Split through the centre”  describes the agony better than any other words I can think of.  It is a sudden thrust of severe pain, as though a sharp bladed instrument had passed directly through the entire length of the body …….

On the other hand, if one is really anxious to project extensively, and undergoes bodily repercussion, he must look upon it, not from the standpoint of painfulness (which is but temporary), or fear it as dangerous ; but accept it as evidence that he is succeeding, and that it is harmless, and that he doesn't care a rap whether he repercusses or not ! This eliminates the hidden fear which startles the emotions, when one first becomes conscious, while projected.

Sounds, sensations and emotions cause bodily repercussions - providing the phantom is within cord-activity range. Outside of the range of cord-activity, of course, these influences are nil. Emotion is probably the fundamental cause; sounds, sensations, etc., are contributory factors. And just here is another paradox. Astral projection of the unconscious type is of such a nature that it will promote sensations ! These sensations cause emotions in the mind, or dreams. And the emotion in the dream will cause the finer body to interiorize.

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Muldoon, Sylvan

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