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Muldoon, Sylvan - Cord length and width is health dependent



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Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington – The Projection of the Astral Body

It was clear, then, that the range of cord-activity was variable, and, after dwelling for almost a year upon the matter, I eventually discovered why the range of cord-activity varied. I noticed that when I was not feeling as well as usual, the range of resistance, or cord-activity, was less than when I was in better physical condition.  Repetition only strengthened this discovery. - And I say again that the more one searches into this phenomenon of astral projection, the more certain one will become that material co-ordination is a powerful, negative, influencing factor in the result.

The more healthy the subject, the more energy is stored in the condenser (astral body), the stronger will be the flow of energy through the astral cable – if he succeeds in projecting at all - and the longer will be the cord activity range.  The more energy that is condensed in the astral body, the tighter will that body be bound to the physical counterpart. The more enervated the individual becomes, the less energy is stored in the condenser, the less tie it has on the physical, and the shorter will be the range of cord-activity. And if a person becomes weakened to a very great extent, the astral cannot remain in the physical at all - and moves out, sometimes permanently.

Then the Doctor says, " he died because he didn't receive enough nourishment ! "

So, it is obvious that the range of cord-activity varies as the health of the projecting individual.

A few inches of separation of the bodies, and the cable is about the size of a silver dollar, regardless of the condition of health; but the decrease in size is speedier in the case of the enervated individual. When in fair condition, physically, the cord decreases (according to the distance of separation) somewhat as follows: At a few inches of bodily separation, one and three-quarter inches; at ten feet, three-fourths of an inch resembling a piece of garden hose ; at fifteen feet, approximately, it might be at its minimum thickness--holding this size to infinity.

..............Once the phantom advances beyond cord-activity range, it is free and subject to its own will. There is no longer any liability to eccentricities of the senses, instability of body, or other complications which are present before reaching this superior position. 

These complications do not all disappear in an instant, but gradually, as the body has been advancing and, when projection eventually reaches a certain point, the cable has diminished to its minimum calibre, resembling a long strand of spider-web and showing no activity whatever.

Regardless of the apparent deadness or laxity of the cord, there is necessarily an intrinsic flow of cosmic energy from the astral, or animate, to the physical, the inanimate ; but this flow of force by no means compares, in quality, with what it was before this advancement.

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Muldoon, Sylvan

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