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Mahavira - Jaina Sutras, Part II - Moksha and death



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Jaina Sutras, Part II (SBE22), tr. by Hermann Jacobi, [1884],  Life of Mahâvîra, Lecture 5

In that period, in that age the Venerable Ascetic Mahâvîra stayed the first rainy season in Asthikagrâma  three rainy seasons in Kampâ and Prishtikampâ, twelve in Vaisâlî and Vânigagrâma, fourteen in Râgagriha and the suburb of Nâlandâ, six in Mithilâ, two in Bhadrikâ, one in Âlabhikâ, one in Panitabhûmi  one in Srâvastî, one in the town of Pâpâ in king Hastipâla's office of the writers: that was his very last rainy season.

In the fourth month of that rainy season, in the seventh fortnight, in the dark (fortnight) of Kârttika, on its fifteenth day, in the last night, in the town of Pâpâ in king Hastipâla's office of the writers, the Venerable Ascetic Mahâvîra died, went off, quitted the world, cut asunder the ties of birth, old age, and death; became a Siddha, a Buddha,  a Mukta, a maker of the end (to all misery), finally liberated, freed from all pains.

This occurred in the year called Kandra, the second (of the lustrum); in the month called Prîtivardhana; in the fortnight Nandivardhana; on the day Suvratâgni , surnamed Upasama; in the night called Devânandâ, surnamed Nirriti; in the Lava called Arkya; in the respiration called Mukta ; in the Stoka called Siddha; in the Karana called Nâga; in the Muhûrta called Sarvârthasiddha; while the moon was in conjunction with the asterism Svâti he died, .. freed from all pains.

That night in which the Venerable Ascetic Mahâvira died, ... freed from all pains, was lighted up by many descending and ascending gods.

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