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Louis Jacolliot - The Bible In India - 03 The Fall according to Shaivism



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Ramatsariar - texts and commentaries on the Vedas

The vegetation which they had seen from far, was but a delusive mirage, raised by the prince of the Rakchasos to tempt them to disobedience.

Adima threw himself, weeping, upon the naked sands, but Héva came to him, and threw herself into his arms, saying, 'Do not despair; let us rather pray to the Author of all things, to pardon us.'

And as she thus spoke there came a voice from the clouds, saying :

‘Woman, thou hast only sinned from love to thy husband, whom I commanded thee to love, and thou hast hoped in Me.

I pardon thee, and him also for thy sake ! But you may no more return to the abode of delight which I had created for your happiness. Through your disobedience to my commands, the spirit of evil has obtained possession of the earth. Your children, reduced to labour and to suffer by your fault, will become corrupt and forget Me.

But I will send Vischnou, who shall incarnate himself in the womb of a woman, and shall bring to all, the hope and the means of recompense in another life, in praying to Me to soften their ills.'

They arose consoled, but ever after subjected by painful labour, to obtain their subsistence from the earth.

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