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Khan, Hazrat Inayat - The Mysticism of Sound and Music - On dream symbolism



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Hazrat Inayat Khan – The Mysticism of Sound and Music

The symbolic dream is the working of a subtle mind and it is a most wonderful working.  As subtle as is the mentality, so subtle is the symbol in which the intuition or thought is expressed.  Therefore it has been very easy for the mystics to see the evolution of a person from his dreams.  The subtler his dreams, the subtler the person is in his evolution.  Nevertheless the virtue is not only in subtlety; the virtue is in simplicity.  Poets, musicians, thinkers, writers, people of imagination have wonderful dreams and the splendour of their dreams is in their marvellous symbology.........

Hazrat Inayat Khan

There is a kind of a dream which shows everything upside down, just like a mirror which shows a fat person thin and a thin person fat, a tall person short and a short person tall.  So there also comes a condition of the mind where everything shows quite contrary to what it is...  The mind has been turned upside down and therefore all that a person sees looks upside down especially in the dream state.

Sometimes this dream shows quite the opposite to what was, what is, and what is going to be.  If a person did not understand the nature of the dream, he would interpret it quite contrarily to its real nature.

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Khan, Hazrat Inayat

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