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Jacolliot, Louis - The Bible In India - The treatment of Women



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Jacolliot, Louis - The Bible In India

These maxims were taken from the sacred books of India

Man is strength-woman is beauty; he is the reason that governs, but she is the wisdom that moderates ; the one cannot exist without the other, and hence the Lord created them two, for the one purpose.

Man is incomplete without woman, and the man who does not marry at the age of virility should be stigmatised as infamous

He who despises woman, despises his mother.

Who is cursed by a woman, is cursed by God.

The tears of a woman call down the fire of heaven on those who make them flow.

Evil to him who laughs at woman’s suffering, God shall laugh at his prayers.

The songs of women are sweet in the ears of the Lord; men should not, if they wish to be heard, sing the praises of God without women.

The priest shall allow women to burn perfume upon the altar, when he offers sacrifice for fruits, for flowers, for households, and for creation.

Women should be protected with tenderness, and gratified with gifts, by all who wish for length of days.

It was at the prayer of a woman that the Creator pardoned man; cursed be he who forgets it.

There is no crime more odious than to persecute women, and to take advantage of their weakness to depoil them of their patrimony

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