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It is technically impossible to attribute a spiritual experience to a change in solar activity.  Too many other factors can also have played a part in producing an experience, thus any evidence will be entirely circumstantial.   But there has been some quite interesting work done in trying to see if there is any statistical correlation between times of high sun spot activity and flares and reports of spiritual experience.  For example

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Braud, William G., and Dennis, Stephen P.; "Geophysical Variables and Behavior; LVIII. Autonomic Activity, Hemolysis, and Biological Psychokinesis: Possible Relationships with Geomagnetic Field Activity," Perceptual and Motor Skill, 68:1243, 1989

Several recent reports have indicated significant relations between extrasensory perception (ESP) experiences and performances and the Earth's geomagnetic field (GMF) activity. ESP experiences are reported more frequently, and accuracy of laboratory ESP is more accurate, on days of relatively quiet GMF activity.

On the other hand, there are indications that a complementary paranormal process, psychokinesis, may be enhanced by high GMF activity. We conducted retrospective analyses of possible relations between GMF activity and 

  • electrodermal activity (as an index of sympathetic autonomic activity),
  • rate of hemolysis of human red blood cells in vitro,
  • attempted distant mental (i.e., psychokinetic) influence of electrodermal activity, and
  • attempted distant mental (psychokinetic) influence of rate of hemolysis.

For each of these four measures, high activity was associated with high GMF values, while low activity was associated with low GMF values. The relations were statistically significant for three of the four analyses and showed a consistent trend in the fourth.

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