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Freedom Long, Max - Start of an out of body



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Almost clear proof that some out of body experiences are obtained when we dream

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Recovering the Ancient Magic  – Max Freedom Long

One night I was awakened from sound sleep by feeling my bed violently shaken. I thought an earthquake had occurred, and soon dozed off again. Once more I was awakened by the same shaking. Gradually it dawned on me that there could be no earthquake as nothing was rattling.

I turned on a light to look about my room and observed that the light hanging from the ceiling was not swinging even slightly. Much interested, I lay awake waiting for another shake. None came. During the remainder of the night I slept undisturbed.

The third night following I was awakened just as I dozed off. Several times I dozed and each time I was awakened with a start by the bed shaking and continuing to shake for a moment after I had sat bolt upright and began feeling for the light switch.

For a time I suspected that I was imagining or dreaming that the bed was being shaken by some invisible hand. But later the shaking would continue a full twenty seconds after I was wide awake-providing I did not turn on the light.

I experimented for some nights, trying to talk to the ghost -trying to instruct it to meet me at my medium friend's house so that it could tell me through table-tipping what it wanted. Failing to establish communication in any way, I at last became annoyed at being awakened so rudely from one to six times during the night. Having observed that light stopped the shaking at once, I burned a night-light.

All went well after that unless I forgot to burn the light, in which case my ghost invariably returned,…

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Freedom Long, Max

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