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Fox, Oliver - Instantaneous projection in OBE



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A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

An Instantaneous Projection is the name I have given to the kind where separation is effected by more or less forcibly ejecting the subtle vehicle from the physical body by a strong effort of will.

In these cases the apparent speed is so great that one passes through the walls of the room in a flash, and thus there is no time for the sensation of dual consciousness.  Often, too, in this method, breaks in consciousness will occur, so that the experimenter may not be fully aware of his condition, identity etc until he comes to rest perhaps seemingly many miles away from his body.

It will be noted that I could not see my body when I looked for it upon the bed, and this has been my general experience, yet other projectionists state that they can see theirs.

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Fox, Oliver

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