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Fox, Oliver - False awakening 01



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A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

I was lying on the bed in the afternoon when I experienced the false awakening, imagining that my wife and two friends were sitting in the room and talking.  I felt too tired to take any part in this conversation and ‘went to sleep’ again.

When I next became aware of my surroundings I realised I was in the trance condition and could leave my body.  I therefore sat up – out of my body as it were – and then leisurely got off the bed.  Dual consciousness was very strong.  I could feel myself lying on the bed and standing by it, my legs pressing against the coverlet, simultaneously; but though I could see all the objects in the room quite clearly, I could not see my body when I looked for it upon the bed.

Everything seemed just as real as in waking life – more so, extra vivid – and I felt indescribably well and free, my brain seeming extraordinarily alert.

I left the bed and walked slowly round the room to the door, the sense of dual consciousness diminishing as I moved farther away from my body; but just as I was going to leave the room, my body pulled me back instantaneously and the trance was broken.  There was no final stage of apparent catalepsy and I experienced no unpleasant after effects.

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Fox, Oliver

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