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Fort, Charles - The Book of the Damned – Stones that have been thrown, or have fallen, upon a small area, from an unseen and undetectable source



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The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort

One of the most extraordinary of phenomena, or alleged phenomena, of psychic research -- "Stone-throwing."  It's attributed to poltergeists. They're mischievous spirits. We lug in the poltergeists, because some of our own data, merge away indistinguishably with data, or alleged data, of them: Instances of stones that have been thrown, or that have fallen, upon a small area, from an unseen and undetectable source.

London Times, April 27, 1872:
"From 4 o'clock, Thursday afternoon, until half past eleven, Thursday night, the houses, 56 and 58 Reverdy Road, Bermondsey, were assailed with stones and other missiles coming from an unseen quarter. Two children were injured, every window broken, and several articles of furniture were destroyed. Although there was a strong body of policemen scattered in the neighborhood, they could not trace the direction whence the stones were thrown."

London Times, Sept. 16, 1841:
That, in the home of Mrs. Charton, at Sutton Courthouse, Sutton Lane, Chiswick, windows had been broken "by some unseen agent." Every attempt to detect the perpetrator failed. The mansion was detached and surrounded by high walls. No other building was near it. The police were called. Two constables, assisted by members of the household, guarded the house, but the windows continued to be broken "both in front and behind the house."


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Fort, Charles

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