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Zhong Yao Cai. 2004 Oct;27(10):754-6.

[Studies on anti-HSV effect of Ficus carica leaves].

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Wang G1, Wang H, Song Y, Jia C, Wang Z, Xu H.

  • 1School of Public Health, Shandong University, Jinan 250012.

OBJECTIVE:  To study the anti-HSV effect of the extract from the leaves of Ficos carica.

METHODS:  The effective ingredient was extracted from the leaves of Ficus carica, and the anti-virus effect was observed on Hep-2, BHK21 and PRK cells.

RESULTS:  The water extract from the leaves of Ficus carica possessed distinct anti-HSV-1 effect. The MTC was 0.5 mg/ml, TDO was 15 mg/ml, and TI was 30.0. It possessed low toxicity and directly killing-virus effect on HSV-1.

CONCLUSIONS:  The leaves of Ficus carica possess anti-HSV-1 effect, and their application on the area of medicine, food and drugs has expansive foreground.

PMID:  15850358

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