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Eusevgny Faygdish – Mystic Cosmos - Bird symbolism



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Bird symbolism is an inherent part of out of body experiences with people feeling they have become actual birds or alternatively simply feeling they can fly like birds. The symbols of birds are as a consequence also used to help invoke out-of-body flight. The rather odd language in the following observation has resulted from translation from the writer’s native Russian into English, but it is clear what he is trying to convey despite some odd English in places…………..

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Eusevgny Faygdish – Mystic Cosmos

The Bird sign from Kunta-yoga can be an example it helps to exit the body.. The sign is applied in the laying position with one's arms stretched out to the sides. The upper circle is projected in Sahasrara, 'the wings' — on arms, lower ends reach Manipura. The concentration on the sign should be kept until the feeling of flight, lightness and sky-blue shades appear. These feelings last until one realizes that the subtle body has moved beyond the physic one. The sign can also be fixed in Hrit chakra (a bit lower than Anahata) also until the feeling of leaving the body appears.



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