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Dr J C Barker - The heart attack victim who predicted his own death



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The power of the mind.

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Dr J C Barker  MD, MRCP, DPM – Scared to Death – An examination of fear, its cause and effects

The doctor described a patient who seemed to be unusually resigned to his fate - in fact he had taken every precaution. He was a bachelor, aged seventy-four, who was admitted to hospital following a heart attack. He had lived a vigorous outdoor life and was fully aware he had suffered a heart attack, and after such a full and satisfying life he now expected to die. So convinced was he that he alleged he had left his will and a letter to his solicitor on a table at home.

The doctor told him that after a few weeks rest in hospital he would be fit enough to return home, but he contradicted this with a smile. Although he made a remarkable recovery he never doubted that his end was near. Three weeks after admission to hospital he suddenly collapsed and died.

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