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Croiset, Gerard - Finding the missing pig and piglets owned by Farmer E U Stokreef, Enter in eastern Holland



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Pig in a Poke

Animals have a strong instinct to bear their young in privacy, and in a place of their own choosing.

On Saturday morning, October 3rd, 1959, a Dutch pig (whom I shall call Sonji) showed unmistakable signs of early delivery. Farmer E. U. Stokreef, of the small town of Enter in eastern Holland, rushed to prepare the maternity ward.

But Sonji, not to be thwarted in carrying out her own plans for her accouchement, saw her chance and escaped. The farmer, his wife, and neighbours searched for the departed sow all through Saturday and Sunday but to no avail.

Monday morning a friend, Mrs. Marie Heijmerink, visited with the Stokreef family. Immediately upon learning of the missing pig she urged the farmer to telephone Croiset. But he was hesitant, so Mrs. Heijmerink offered to call for him.

Croiset answered her first question at once saying, "In front of the house I see water. The animal is not in it. To the left of the farm, in back of it, there is a ditch. About ten minutes walk away from the house is a bush, near the ditch.  The pig is in that bush."

Mrs. Heijmerink then asked the sensitive, "Has she had her piglets already?"

“Just go and look in that bush, and then call-me again," replied Croiset, with amusement in his voice.

After telling the Stokreefs what Croiset had said, Mrs. Heijmerink went with them to the place the paragnost had indicated. The dry ditch, the house, the bush, -all were there at the end of their ten minutes' walk.

So too was Sonji, the proud mother of a healthy litter of nine piglets, now ready to receive visitors and her just due for her achievement.

All was forgiven.

Surely, the ringing of his telephone can hold no surprises for Gerard Croiset. The call may involve an important murder across the sea, or be about Sonji, a fecund female with a mind of her own.

Gerard Croiset's paranormal powers indeed move smoothly and willingly over the whole gamut of man and beast.

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Croiset, Gerard

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