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Croiset, Gerard - Finding the body of Jurrien van Dijkhuizen, aged seven, who disappeared from his home in Nijkerk



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Report in Police Journal

In the January 1962 issue of Holland's official journal for police officers (Tiidschrift voor de Politie), Professor Tenhaeff discusses the case of another boy of whom Croiset had images.

This time it was seven-year-old Jurrien van Dijkhuizen  who disappeared from his home in Nijkerk on August 8, 1961.  The boy left to go fishing but did not come home.

That day the boy's uncle, Mr. H. van Beek, of Ermelo, telephoned Croiset. But he did not mention his nephew’s name nor the town from which the boy was missing. Nevertheless, the paragnost furnished correct images which the uncle verified, not only during the telephone conversation, but later when the boy's body was found.

These were some of Croiset's impressions: "I see a large factory. At the left, is a bridge one cannot cross. A street is between the factory and the bridge. In the neighbourhood is a school. Trucks, a transportation business. A house with a pointed roof and tower. Water and reeds. Heap of sand. In that area, the child has drowned. . . ."

The next day, Jurrien's body was found in the Nijkerk harbor near the Prinz wood mill (a furniture factory). The other details also checked out with Croiset's impressions.

On Sunday, August 13, Professor Tenhaeff drove with Croiset and the paragnost's photographer son, Henri, to Nijkerk where they had tape-recorded sessions with the state police adjutant, J. H. Lovink, and the child's parents.

Several days later, the police official verified these tape recordings.

Although with characteristic caution parapsychologist  Tenhaeff makes no claims about this experiment's police value, he sums it up in the police journal, in these words: ". . . Croiset was able to contribute a number of correct data. . . . The points he described were really there . . . this case is important because it teaches us anew that under certain conditions a human being is able to assemble data through extrasensory perception. . . ."

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Croiset, Gerard

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