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Croiset, Gerard - Alleviates the stomach pains of KLM president Albert Plesman



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

During World War II, Croiset continued his healing. Among others, he helped alleviate the stomach pains of his friend, KLM president Albert Plesman. One afternoon during the German occupation of Holland, a Nazi policeman dragged Croiset from his Enschede home, taking him across the  German border to nearby Bentheim to treat a Gestapo officer who was suffering from a painful sciatic attack. Croiset was reIuctant to go, but suddenly he saw a glaring light which showed the letter "L" and the figures 6 and 35. He called to mind the words from the Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 6, verse 35:

"But love ye your enemies and do good . . ."

"After I read this I forgot he was my enemy," remembers Croiset. "I saw only a sick man."

When he was in the German work camp at Emmerich, from October 1944 to March 1945, which had neither doctors nor nurses, Croiset treated Dutch prisoners and Nazi patients alike.

Recently on the wall of his Utrecht home, I saw a framed testimonial signed by these grateful patients.


Because he accepts no money for his clairvoyant work, Croiset earns his living from his healing. Though it is illegal for healers to charge fees in Holland, they can accept "contributions." Croiset's solvent patients usually contribute five guilders ($1.40) for the first visit and two and a half gilders (seventy cents) thereafter. Many poor patients contribute nothing. But Croiset treats all alike. Some patients, in lieu of guilders, bring him cheese, eggs, ham, or wine.

One day when Professor Tenhaeff was walking home, he heard a jingling in his hat. He took it off and noticed several Dutch ten and twenty-five-cent coins in the inside band. He laughed and remembered that Croiset’s wife had used it the previous day to "pass the hat" among her husband's patients.

"I can't help everybody," admits Croiset. "All I can often do is try to reduce pain. But when people come the first time, I know right away if I can help them or not. I use my extra-sensory perception in my healing. If I get an impression I can help, I tell the patient to come back once a week, for six weeks.  If there is an improvement, I go on. Otherwise, I send them back to their doctors."

Among others, Croiset has helped a woman polio patient, living in a wheelchair since childhood, who can now do light housework; a factory worker, paralyzed in a factory accident and considered "incurable" by doctors, who now works as a garage mechanic; a cellist in an orchestra, who suddenly had difficulty controlling his finger muscles, has had his nerve disturbance cleared up by Croiset.

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Croiset, Gerard

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