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Charles Fort - Sightings of UFOs rising from the sea or water



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Other sightings not recorded by Charles Fort, exist for earlier dates

1. October 1661, Bristol, England: Figures in a "cloud"

A cloud was seen rising out of the river. It opened up three times, revealing various figures inside. Source: Mirabilis Annus Secundus (1662).

A description of the experience

The Book of the Damned – Charles Fort

Nature, 37-187, and L'Astronomie; 1887-76,

we are told that an object, described as "a large ball of fire," was seen to rise from the sea, near Cape Race. We are told that it rose to a height of fifty feet, and then advanced close to the ship, then moving away, remaining visible about five minutes. ….. Flammarion, Thunder and Lightning, p. 68, says that it was enormous. Details in the American Meteorological Journal, 6-443--Nov. 12, 1887--British steamer Siberian--that the object had moved "against the wind" before retreating--that Captain Moore said that at about the same place he had seen such appearances before.

Report of the British Association, 1861-30:

That, upon June 18, 1845, according to the Malta Times, from the brig Victoria, about 900 miles east of Adalia, Asia Minor (36° 40' 56", N. Lat.: 13° 44' 36" E. Long.), three luminous bodies were seen to issue from the sea, at about half a mile from the vessel. They were visible about ten minutes.

The story was never investigated, but other accounts that seem acceptably to be other observations upon this same sensational spectacle came in, as if of their own accord, and were published by Prof. Baden-Powell.

a letter from a correspondent at Mt. Lebanon.

He describes only two luminous bodies. Apparently they were five times the size of the moon: each had appendages, or they were connected by parts that are described as "sail-like or streamer-like," looking like "large flags blown out by a gentle breeze." The important point here is not only suggestion of structure, but duration. …... This object, if it were all one object, was visible at Mt. Lebanon about one hour. An interesting circumstance is that the appendages did not look like trains of meteors, which shine by their own light, but "seemed to shine by light from the main bodies."

Rev. F. Hawlett, F.R.A.S.,

About 900 miles west of the position of the Victoria is the town of Adalia, Asia Minor. At about the time of the observation reported by the captain of the Victoria, the Rev. F. Hawlett, F.R.A.S., was in Adalia.

He, too, saw this spectacle, and sent an account to Prof. Baden-Powell.  In his view it was a body that appeared and then broke up. He places duration at twenty minutes to half an hour.

Report of the British Association, 1860-82

 the phenomenon was reported from Syria and Malta, as two very large bodies "nearly joined."

The source of the experience

Fort, Charles

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