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Bruno, Giordano – On Magic - The Universal symbol system



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On Magic – Giordano Bruno

… the spirits speak to us through visions and dreams, but we claim that these are enigmas, because of our unfamiliarity and ignorance and weak capacities, even though they are the very same sounds and very same expressions used for representable things. Just as these sounds elude our grasp, likewise our Latin, Greek and Italian sounds sometimes fail to be heard and understood by the higher and eternal spirits, which differ from us in species. Thus, it is no easier for us to be able to communicate with the spirits than it is for an eagle to converse with a human.

Just as there can be conversation and agreement only by means of gestures between two groups of humans who do not share a common language, likewise, there can be communication between us and certain types of spirits only by the use of certain signs, signals, figures, symbols, gestures and other ceremonies.

The magician, especially when using the kind of magic which is called 'theurgy', can hardly accomplish anything without such sounds and symbols.

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Bruno, Giordano

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