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Bosher, Adrian - Dies in the Indian Ocean



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During his short life Adrian Bosher achieved a number of feats of divination, prophecy and environmental influence, but this account describes his death. The account implies that even after his death he still had the power to influence the weather! 

For more details and his life story I recommend Lyall Watson’s book – Lightning Bird – Adrian’s name within the African cultures he became part of.

A description of the experience

Lightning Bird - Lyall Watson

With age Boshier’s epilepsy got worse, but he refused to have it treated either by Western medications or by a tribal expert. Indeed, his instructor in divination kept telling him that though he was favoured by the spirits he failed to show them due respect, and that he must progress to the next level of initiation, which would show him how to appease the spirits and also ease his epilepsy. But for some reason the special white man, the Father of Snakes who was also identified with the sacred Lightning Bird, would not do it.

On November 18, 1978, [Boshier:] went, against his will, on a trip with friends to the shores of the Indian Ocean. In warm, clear water on the very edge of the narrow continental shelf, Lightning Bird arched his back, beat his wings, and returned to his birthplace in the deep.

Adrian Boshier struggled for a moment at the surface, then sank slowly, almost gratefully, into the void.

He did not drown; but when they brought him back to the surface, he was dead.

The next day, they say, an enormous dark bank of cloud came sailing up out of the far southeast to run itself aground on the slopes of the mountain called:


Then lightning flashed, the thunder roared, and it rained and rained and rained in the dry Makgabeng.

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Bosher, Adrian

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