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Blue Whirlwind and Iron Shell - Native American Indians - Winkte and Androgyny



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Blue Whirlwind

 There is a belief that if a winkte is asked to name a child, the child will grow up without sickness.  My grandson was given the name Iron Horse when he was 3 days old by a winkte and I gave him a horse.…...Whatever the winkte says will become the secret name and this he will name the child.  Winkte names are often unmentionable and therefore are not often used.  Girls never have winkte names.

Iron Shell

 My father told me the way to go and what to do until I was married – among these things to leave winktes alone.

A winkte is a man who dreams that by living as a woman, he will live a long life.  This he may dream when he is a young boy, but later when he becomes a man, he will come out one day with a dress.  Then he will do woman's work and live like a woman.

These men are good shamans and go about calling one another sister.  Each has his own tipi, for after men have had sexual relations with them, their parents put up a tipi for them.

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Native American Indians

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