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Ashtavakra Gita - 20 Liberation-in-Life



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20: Liberation-in-Life

Janaka said:

20.1 Where are the elements, the body, the organs, the mind? Where is the void? Where is despair? My nature is transparent clearness.

20.2 Where is scripture? Where is Self-knowledge? Where is no-mind? Where is contentment and freedom from desire? I am empty of two-ness.

20.3 Where is Knowledge and ignorance? Where is “I”? Where is “this”? Where is “mine”? Where is bondage and liberation? Self has no attributes.

20.4 Where is the unfolding of karma? Where is liberation-in-life, or even liberation at death? There is only One.

20.5 Where is the doer or enjoyer? Where is the origin or end of thought? Where is direct or reflected knowledge? There is no person here.

20.6 Where is the world? Where is the seeker of liberation” Where is the contemplative? Where is the man of Knowledge? Where is the soul in bondage? Where is the liberated soul? My nature is Unity.

20.7 Where are creation and destruction? Where is the end and the means? Where is the seeker? Where is attainment? I am One.

20.8 Where is the knower? Where is knowing? Where is the known, or knowledge itself? Where is anything? Where is nothing? I am pure Awareness.

20.9 Where is distraction, concentration, knowledge or delusion? Where is joy or sorrow? I am Stillness.

20.10 Where is the relative? Where the transcendent? Where is happiness or misery? I am empty of thought.

20.11 Where is illusion? Where is existence? Where is attachment or non-attachment? Where is person? Where is God? I am Awareness.

20.12 Where is activity or inactivity? Where is liberation or bondage? I am timeless, indivisible. I am Self alone.

20.13 Where are principles and scriptures? Where is the disciple or teacher? Where is the reason for life? I am boundless, Absolute.

20.14 Where is existence or non-existence? Where is Unity or duality? Nothing emanates from me. No more can be said.

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Ashtavakra Gita

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