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Rules for using this site

Rules for using this site

1.  MONEY - When I first set up the site I asked that people did not use the contents of this site to make money, and I said "as I have provided it free of charge, I would like you to keep to the same set of values". 
It is extremely clear that this is being ignored, and indeed the request was probably counter-productive to the principle objective of the site, which is to make sure this information is widely disseminated.  So perhaps the rule is now, by all means make a living, but please use the information in the spirit it was given - to help people, not to get rich.

2.  EVIDENCE IS KEY - You may quote  from the information I have provided, but please give this web site address as the source of the information if you do.  The main reason is that the observations are essential to provide support for all the conclusions.  The observations are the evidence, without all this evidence people have every reason not to take the findings seriously.  In effect, the reason for this request is to provide authenticity to the findings, it is not a means of deriving kudos.

This website is now based on my synthesis of thousands and thousands of observations from a huge variety of sources. The  database contains more than 28,000 observations, representing the experiences of well over 500,000 people [some observations summarise the experiences of several thousand people, especially those in the medicine section].

3.  FEEDBACK - The website is a work in progress: observations , sources, links and cross references are regularly added. We thank you for your patience, if we have made mistakes and welcome your comments.
Your feedback regarding the website and your own spiritual experiences can be added via the Contact form.