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Snell, Joy – Ministry of Angels – The death of an old soldier who was in the last stages of tuberculosis



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Joy Snell – Ministry of Angels

The memory of another death which occurred about the same time comes back to me. It was that of an old soldier who was in the last stages of tuberculosis, brought on by exposure while fighting his country’s battles.

He was brave and patient but had frequent paroxysms of pain that were almost unendurable, and he longed for the relief which he knew death alone could bring him. One of these spasms had seized upon him, and his features were convulsed with agony as he fought for breath, when he suddenly grew calm.

A smile lit up his face, and, looking upwards, he exclaimed, with a ring of joy in his voice, “Marion, my daughter!” Then the end came.

His brother and sister were at the bedside. The sister said to the brother:

“He saw Marion, his favourite daughter. She came and took him where he will suffer no more”, and she added fervently:

“Thank God! He has found rest at last”.

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Snell, Joy

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