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Sheridan, Clare - The death of Elizabeth



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Clare married Wilfred, known as William, Frederick Sheridan in 1910 at St. Margaret's, Westminster. They had two daughters.  Margaret Sheridan, thereafter known as Mary Motley was born in 1912.  She lived just 10 years longer than her mother. 

Elizabeth Sheridan was born in 1913.  Elizabeth died in February 1914.  This is what happened on Elizabeth's death

A description of the experience

Nuda Veritas – Clare Sheridan

I returned to England, arriving home at midnight, and Wilfred met me; he could not speak, but led me to the sick- room. It was half dark, they had tried to hide her from me. She was so wrapped up in blankets, but I saw enough. There was no hope-it was meningitis.

At that moment something happened inside me; I think my heart broke.

On the seventh day of watching and waiting, at the seventh hour, after a frightful night, I fell into a deep sleep. It coincided with the hour of her passing over.

It was then that my spirit joined hers and accompanied her safely to the edge of the world . . . .such a sad little child had gone back to laugh and play among the happy spirit children. So beautiful she was, such golden-red curls, so fragrant, like sweet spring scents. Such deep eyes she had, the blue of Heaven.

She is not dead, she lives for ever in my heart.

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Sheridan, Clare

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