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MacLaine, Shirley - A dream of unity when out of body



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Out on a Limb – Shirley MacLaine

I remembered an experience I had had once. I call it an experience and not a dream, .even though it happened when I was asleep, because it felt more real than a dream. I felt I was suspended over the Earth and I dipped and flowed with the air currents just like the birds.

I floated over countries and mountains and streams and trees. As I drifted, the tops of trees brushed gently across me. I was careful not to pluck even one loose leaf from the branch to which it belonged because I, too, belonged to everything there was.

I wanted to go further and faster and higher and wider-and the higher I went the more I became connected, my being concentrated and expanded at the same time. I had the sensation that this was actually happening, that my body was irrelevant and that that was part of the experience.

The real me was floating free and clear, filled with the peace of connection to everything that was. It was not the usual sexually oriented flying dream which psychologists describe. This was more. There was another dimension to it. The word I'm looking for, I thought to myself as I ran, is "extra."

That was why I had remembered it so vividly, and whenever I felt displeased or lonely or out of sorts or strung up and nervous, I thought of that experience and of how peaceful I had felt when I floated outside of my physical body feeling involved with all there was above and below me.

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MacLaine, Shirley

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