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Harary, Blue - And a number of quixotic encounters



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

Blue Harary has had a number of quixotic encounters. Sometimes he is even apparently able to interact with the OBE world while failing to influence the corresponding physical world. As he once wrote to me:

One night I awoke in an out-of-body state floating above my physical body which lay below me on the bed. A candle had been left burning on the other end of the room during the evening. I dove for the candle head first from a sitting position and gently floated down toward it with the intention of blowing out the flame to conserve wax. I put my "face" close to the candle and had some difficulty in putting out the flame. I had to blow on it several times before it finally seemed to extinguish. I turned around, saw my body lying on the bed, and gently floated back into it. Once in the physical (body) I immediately turned over and went back to sleep. The next morning I awoke and found that the candle had completely burned down.  It seemed as if my out-of-body efforts had affected only a non-physical candle.

David Scott Rogo

Rather reluctantly I have had to accept the theory that during the OBE, we contact only a parallel of the real world-a plastic interactional world that may alter when we physically alter our own.  If I place a picture on a wall, for instance, the same object may well appear in the parallel world. But this plane is more tenuous and less stable than the physical world of the five senses, and it wavers and drifts away from a perfect semblance of it. This explains why Blue could sometimes succeed but also occasionally fail to make contact with the physical world during his experimentally induced OBEs. His level of success depended on his ability to maintain an affinity with our world while being drawn simultaneously into a new dimension.

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Harary, Blue

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