Symbols - What does heaven look like

White face

A white face indicated an out of body traveller who had attained the highest level of spiritual travel, a sort of star performer.  White is the symbolic colour of Aether.  It was used by Geisha and clowns for example.

In Shinto, every ‘level and layer’ in the spiritual world is colour coded. This colour coding was incorporated in dress, pottery and for the face….

Dr Masaaki Hatsumi  - The Way of the Ninja – Secret techniques.
Shinobi colours matched the environment – for Suiton a watery blue; for Doton, earthy colours; and for Setton – snow white

Setton is one of the vibrational levels in the spiritual world and is the ‘highest’ that one can go.

Lest you should think that this symbolism is confined to Japan, let me now show you this portrait.  The following is a form of ‘propaganda’ in that the portrait of Elizabeth 1st is symbolically painted to imply that she is a person who has undergone the ultimate spiritual experience.

On her sleeve you can see the coiled snake symbol representing the kundalini energy by which she obtained the experience.  Queen Elizabeth 1st was a ‘virgin’ queen – a queen who remained ‘celibate’ [no orgasm] in order to keep herself enlightened. 

The painting  is full of symbolism of the spiritual path.  Her face too is white  - the colour of purity and the aether – the highest level of spiritual attainment; she is covered in pearls – she is wearing an orange/amber coloured robe and she has amber coloured hair – signifying spiritual energy.  The ruff is symbolic of the energy generated by the kundalini process [collars and ruffs].  She is holding a bow – a rainbow shape

The intention was to show a pure enlightened monarch – one who had by means of purity and rebirth achieved spiritual enlightenment.

Much of the symbolism is alchemical.


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