Symbols - What does heaven look like


Twelve is an important number symbolically in practically all cultures.

The first and most obvious reason is its association with the Signs and the Zodiac.  The Round Table with twelve places is symbolically equivalent to the wheel with the Signs of the zodiac - the twelve Intelligences that are involved in creation and destruction [as opposed to the Planets, Intelligences that control day to day systems].

But the number twelve can be decomposed and we find that twelve is formed of :

We can see these on the map of the Egg.  The Earth layer includes the symbolic Hell and the Underworld.  Thus we have the four elements of  Fire, Air, Water and Earth which together constitute what is sometimes called the Outward court and in Neoplatonic terms is called the World soul.

The Inward Court then consists of the Planets [the symbolc planets].  The area enclosed by the pink circle - divine love and wisdom, is then the One, also known as the Inner court and containing the Ultimate Intelligence with all its various roles.






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