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Each Intelligence is ‘conscious’ with the shared functions of communication as well as the functions of the particular system which it controls.  But each Intelligence is also allocated a set of attributes that might be classified as Personality traits – an archetype.  These attributes are used to build up the Personality geared to our Destiny.  

Personality traits or Attributes  are functions just like any other function except they they are unrelated to the operation of physical things. 

In the following charts I have listed some of the attributes of the SATURN Intelligence.  These have been obtained principally from the books by Michel Gauquelin whose scientific study into this area was backed by huge volumes of research comparing actual people with their attributes.  Additional attributes have been obtained from the books by Jeff Mayo plus some other modern authors.

The SATURN archetype is ordered, structured but also a dash conventional .  Whatever is attained is attained by hard slog and not through inspired blue sky thinking 



Candid, frank, straightforward, direct

Uncertain, unsure, hesitant, gauche, awkward, self doubting, shy, timid, inferiority complex, lacks confidence

Determined, Resolute, Firm

Cold, frigid, detached, unaffectionate, coolly affectionate, Remote, distant, cold


Unco-operative, Obstinate,  Obstructive, stubborn, obdurate, intransigent, Trenchant, wilful

Realistic, hard headed, pragmatic, practical

Unerotic, unsexy. Not sensuous

 Stoical, enduring

Unforgiving, unmerciful, revengeful, vindictive, blameful, merciless

Tenacious, persevering, Persistent

 unfriendly, unsociable

Faithful [having Fidelity], constant, loyal

Mean, stingy, avaricious/greedy

Not given to infatuation

Unkind,  malevolent, Cruel, Vindictive,  Brutal

Not Dissipated, debauched, degenerate, dissolute, libertine, profligate,  fast, permissive, promiscuous, licentious



Insensitive, callous, unfeeling


Unsentimental, unromantic

Sincere [in intent]

Intolerant, Critical, Opinionated, Dogmatic, Narrow minded, Illiberal, Hypercritical

Attentive, listen well, concentrate well, observant

Inhibited, Self-conscious, Repressed


Disbelieving, doubting, Suspicious, sceptical

Controlled, disciplined

Conforming,  accepts obligation, accepts rules, accepts restriction

Conventional, conforming


Effective and efficient


 Incisive,  piercing, discriminating, penetrative, sharp

Not intuitive



Meticulous, careful, precise, thorough

Fastidious, exact, diligent, scrupulous, concise

Strict, severe, austere

Measured , Prudent and  cautious

Regressive, atavistic



Thoughtful,  pensive, pondering,  ruminative and quiet

Not spiritual

Thrifty, careful with money, prudent with money


Trustworthy, responsible


Not phobic

Not versatile


Quiet, silent, reserved, taciturn.  Uncommunicative

Woodcut of Saturn from Hans Sebalc Beham's series on the seven planets 1530-40.


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