Symbols - What does heaven look like


See Mermaid or merman and Dagon.

Oannes, was the name given by the Babylonian writer Berossus in the 3rd century BC to a mythical god who taught mankind wisdom. Berossus describes Oannes as having the body of a fish but underneath the figure of a man. He is described as ‘dwelling in the Persian Gulf’, and rising out of the waters in the daytime and furnishing mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences. So this description could apply to a highly talented shaman who was capable of travel in the Water realm, or it could apply to a spirit being who did indeed help the people of the region via spiritual experience.

In the painting below androgyny figures heavily which leads one to suspect that Oannes was a shaman.  There is also the connection symbolically here with fish.


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